Want Your Relationship To Change?

There is good news and bad news...

Relationship don't change, only people change and when we change it changes our relationships.

When Real Change Happens ...

It's happening because someone takes responsibility and says...

"Here is what and how I'm going to change it to ma this relationship remarkable!"


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What Clients Had To Say ...

“We decided to do a private Relationship Breakthrough Session. Working with Paul was wonderful. We were a bit nervous talking to someone about our personal life.

Paul put us at ease very quickly. His technique is relaxing and feels safe. We liked the session so much we decided to continue working with Paul. We would recommend Paul to anyone.”

D & M, Kalaheo HI

“After our Relationship breakthrough Session, we were excited and knew that this is whom we needed to work with in order to make immediate and deep lasting changes.

We felt we could tackle our issues, learn practical communication skills, and get mastery of them faster and more directly than we had in two years of traditional couples counseling.  

We knew we would be expertly guided through our difficulties, and felt we would emerge stronger and more compassionately as a couple and as individuals.” 

M & J Hawaii

“Our Relationship Breakthrough Session was a surprisingly in-depth look at exactly what dynamics are at work in our relationship.

Paul listened keenly, asked profound questions that required honest self-reflection, and very quickly saw right into the heart of the repetitive theme that we were stuck in. He offered clear, simple tools for turning hurtful, dead-end communication into connective possibility.

J.C., Burlington VT

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